St. Pete, Florida is an amazing place! I'm incredibly lucky to have called it home for over a decade! Back in late 2008 I came across this community supported artist co-op business started by Marina Williams- ARTpool. It was different, very different! I had the ability to rent gallery space at ARTpool for a relatively low monthly cost, yet I kept 100% of the precedes from any of my prints that sold- which was unheard of at traditional co-op gallery spaces.
ARTpool is still going strong in the heart of the Grand Central District in St. Pete. One of their annual events is the Trashin Fashion Show. This is where designers, models, makeup artists, and hair stylists all come together to showcase high fashion designs using entirely recycled/upcycled materials. It's a high energy event that goes into the night and brings the artist community together.
In 2009 I was doing ad-hoc portraits behind the event, when ARTpool was at it's original home on 1st Ave N & MLK. I threw up 2 umbrella strobes with a black backdrop and captured some of the amazing designs for the evening. Make sure to check ARTpool if you're ever in town. Enjoy!
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