As a kid in Miami I can remember going to the Miami Grand Prix races in the early 90's. Watching Open Wheel racing on the streets through Tamiami Park was a cool experience and has had a lasting impact on me. Being much younger I really didn't appreciate it as much I as do today. 
Yet another amazing thing in St. Pete, FL is the St. Pete Grand Prix. This race is held annually right on the streets of downtown St. Pete and attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees. Tony Kanaan even claimed this event to be the "Monaco" for the IndyCar series. This particular year I went with a buddy of mine and we sat in the middle of the finish line grandstand for a large majority of the time. This allowed me to capture the race cars going full throttle and speeds in excess of 230+ mph. I believe this was also the last year the American Le Mans Series was raced in St. Pete if I'm not mistaken. 
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