I find the ability to capture and freeze a moment for all-time is one of the most profound things in life.

I am Abrom

Runner/Triathlete/Cyclist (26.2, 70.3, & 140.6 finisher)
Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Enthusiast
Android Evangelist
Passionate Arsenal FC Fan
Would-be deep sea fisherman
Cyber Security Professional by day; adventure seeker by night

I pretty much live for great coffee, good beer, better bourbon, funny things and awkward moments. But most importantly, spending time with my amazing family & my beautiful wife and of course traveling.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. It all spawns way back to simple times as a young child when my father turned our bathroom into his makeshift darkroom in the late 80's. And that passion has continued to flourish over the decades. I owned & operated my own photography business for several years dedicated to event, sports, portraiture, & travel photography; and the occasional commissioned fine art assignment.

But over time photography turned too far into a "business" and some of the fun disappeared. I've put some focus back on photography as a hobby and don't plan to look back. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I did capturing the.

Available for assignment anywhere in the world. Contact me for details.
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